Good Bye My little Lucky

Our old Chihuahua Lucky had to be put to sleep Friday night. It was hard to say goodbye. He was over 16 and he had been declining for months. He will always have a special place in our hearts. My Lucky boy will not have to suffer anymore.


Pink – Dear Mr. President

Ahhh… My most favorite Pink song.

“This song criticizes several areas of Bush’s administration and terms in office, including the Iraq War, No Child Left Behind Act, disapproval of equal rights for homosexuals, lack of empathy for poor and middle class citizens, Bush’s strong religious beliefs, and Bush’s drinking and drug usage in college. Pink felt that it was one of the most important songs she had ever written.”

We all have seen this happen. Which one are you?

My first blog EVER


I never feel comfortable talking about myself.

I feel that I’m in the process of reinventing myself. My classes and the knowledge I have/will receive from them is part of this transformation. The turn of events derived from the down turn in the economy has motivated my journey. I have some idea of the directions I want to go and in other ways I feel twisted and turned by the winds of day by day changes.